Batman 66 Pinball WizToppers

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Two-Piece Set! Comes pre-assembled with custom brackets!

Extend the art of your Stern Batman 66 pinball machine to the very top to add artistic dimension to your game. These mods are manufactured with the best laser cut fine printed acrylic in the market and can be installed in minutes. Comes with two layers of acrylic with transparency in specific areas to add more depth to the art. Accessories are originally manufactured by us.

Our new precise acrylic double layer printing and laser cut technology provides a stunning mod with strong colours, high details and amazing contrasts. The art is printed on a white layer for best luminosity.

The super strong acrylic will resist bending or breaking when moving the machine around.

Topper is 440 x 200 mm | 17 ²¹/₆₄ x 7 ⁷/₈ inch.

This set comes pre-assembled for an easy install. You just have to attach it to the machine.

You can drill small holes in the machine and attach with screws or simply use a 3M style double tape to stick the topper to the cabinet in case you don’t want to drill the top of the machine.

Parts included (PRE-ASSEMBLED):

2x art layers + 2x brackets (originally designed and manufactured by Wizard Mod) + 4x screws + 4x nuts

You can be creative and add lights behind or whatever you feel like will further enhance the topper experience.

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